Tourism & Hospitality

Punjab has all elements of becoming a destination of choice for tourists owing to its historical monuments, cultural diversity and hospitable people. Through development and management of well-articulated policies, product projection, marketing strategies and public-private partnerships, the tourism sector in Punjab will contribute to the over-all socio-economic development of Pakistan.

To achieve these objectives, Government of Punjab is in the process of formulating its Tourism Policy. In the light of this policy, the Government will develop Punjab tourism as a hub of high quality facilities and services i.e. cultural assets, recreational sites, arts and crafts, music, transportation, hotels, restaurants, tourist shops and products. Not only will tourism serve economies of various allied sectors in the province, it will also serve as a key driver for job creation, human resource development, youth participation, earning foreign exchange, attracting investment and sharing of benefits with local communities. Punjab will further improve its close interaction with other provinces and mutual cooperation will be increased by regular inter-provincial consultations on tourism.

Further, International marketing efforts for tourism promotion will be beefed up to create awareness about Pakistan through foreign missions and participation in international tourism conferences and expos to portray a soft image of the country.