Marketing Team of the Punjab Board of Investment is working enthusiastically for the promotion of Punjab with a mandate to attract local and foreign investors. There are numerous projects that are in the pipeline whereas various are executed or are at final stages. The projects are as following:

Arranging Expos

Expos like Pak Medica and Women Expo have been arranged by the Events and Marketing Departments. More expos by PBIT in liaison with other governmental departments are in progress.

Best Practice Journal

The Best Practice Journal has been published for this month. The objective of this journal is to find about the good practices in the world and compare them with the prevailing practices in Pakistan.


Marketing team has almost reached at the final stage of branding the Lahore Airport by taking Civil Aviation Authority on board; moreover, branding at Sialkot, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad airports and in-flight branding of PBIT is also on the agenda. The objective of this activity is to create awareness amongst the local and foreigner travelers of the opportunities which PBIT can provide in case they plan to invest in Punjab.

Conducting Sector Specific Conferences

Conferences / seminars with Pubic Private Partnership would be arranged for main sectors like agriculture, textiles, pharmaceuticals, sports goods, livestock, halal foods, leather and energy & power growth of local investment as well as for FDIs. Close linkages are being developed with associations like PAPAAM and APTMA for conducting awareness for the local manufacturers to enhance exports to newer markets.

Daily News Brief

A daily news brief is being designed and compiled for the Business community all across Pakistan especially Punjab by going through various popular business newspapers that will give a comprehensive account on entire activities, news and features related to investment and trade going on in the province.

Developing Partnerships

The marketing plan comprise of developing partnerships with local chambers of commerce, including chambers of 2nd and 3rd tier cities of Punjab. Signing of MoU’s with the chambers for using their data bases of members, entering in agreement with the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry for using their FM Radio Facility and distributing information material regarding facilities being offered by PBIT to investors in their monthly magazine LCN and financial institutions.

Development of Regular Linkages

Regular linkages are being developed with the potential private sector and the government departments for facilitation and marketing of the Punjab Board.

Dinner of Major Chinese Investors

A dinner is scheduled to be held in February 2018 for hosting the prominent Chinese Investors in Pakistan. CM Punjab and the Chinese Ambassador are being invited.

Handling Delegations

Regular media handling for the delegations is being carried out by issuing press releases in all the major newspapers and video footages in major channels.

Liaison with the Embassies

Regular linkages with the embassies are being developed for exchange of information and relation building.

Liaison with the Tourism Department

Liaison with the Tourism Department of Punjab is in the pipeline for publications in their monthly journal for article publishing in their monthly magazines.

Marketing for Targeting Domestic Investors

Following the theme of “Punjab - Our Pride, Your Potential”, potential domestic investors are being targeted through major chambers of commerce in Punjab. Awareness Conference on similar grounds was held in the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and formation of a joint working group has been formed.


PBIT Monthly Newsletter is being published for the month of December. This contains short briefings and pictorial headlines of the major activities being conducted in the organization.

Presence on Social Media

Special emphasis is being laid on creating the existence of PBIT on social media. Regular updates of the activities are being uploaded on PBIT website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Printing of Cards, Calendars and Dairies

Seasons cards are printed and are being dispatched within the government and private sector. Publishing of PBIT diary is in the pipeline.

Videography & Interviews

Videography of the major projects are being carried out for video logs and other references. Interviews of local and foreign CEO’s are being conducted as well.