Procurement, Installation, and Operation & Maintenance of Water Meters in Lahore


Water conservation has become one of the paramount concern for Pakistan as depth of underground water table is declining rapidly. In absence of water meters at production, distribution and consumer ends,  the quantity of water produced, supplied, and lost cannot be accurately measured. There is a dire need of developing correlation between the volume of water produced and volume of water sold through proper water metering.

The current water supply system of Water and Sanitation Agency  (WASA) is based on the over exploration of ground water and unmetered water supply due to which water losses are enormous. In the absence of water meters, it is impossible to estimate the supply and demand of the water resources. In order to conserve water resources and to reduce the declining rate of ground water table it is necessary to reduce the water losses. This can be done by water metering as reduction in the water losses will reduce the stress on the aquifer and may avoid excessive pumping / extraction of water.




Concerned/Sponsoring Agency

  Housing Urban Development & Public Health Engineering Department (HUD&PHE) 

Project Proposal


Total Number of water Meters 


Implementation Agency

  WASA Lahore

Source of Revenue

  Collection of  user charges 

Current Status

  Project proposal was approved by PPP Policy and Monitoring Board on February 07, 2020. Bidding process is to be initiated.


Role of Government Agency

  • Necessary approvals/NOCs
  • Set tariff including meter charges, determine the revision rates, and period
  • Collection of water meter charges from users

Role of Private Party

  • Local assembling, installation, O&M of water meters
  • Financing arrangement
  • Transferring all assets after completion of the concession period