Pakistan Your Best Choice for Investment

1. Geo-strategic Location
Pakistan is strategically located to become Asia’s premier trade, energy and transport corridor. It is also the gateway to the energy rich Central Asian States, the financially liquid Gulf States and the economically advanced Far Eastern tigers. This strategic advantage alone makes Pakistan a marketplace teeming with possibilities.
2. Population and workforce
Fifty five percent of our population is below the age of 19, which bodes well for long- term sustainable economic growth. Pakistan has a strong middle class, which is presently around 63 million. A large part of the workforce is proficient in English, hardworking and intelligent. Pakistan possesses a large pool of trained and experienced engineers, bankers, lawyers and other professionals with many having substantial international experience. The consumer market in Pakistan is growing at a very fast pace as reflected by tele-density which has now reached 125 million.
3. Economic Outlook
In the global financial crisis, Pakistan’s economy has shown resilience to the shocks and maintained global and regional patterns and performed better than some of the neighbouring countries. In the report of “Ease of Doing Business” Pakistan has ranked at 107 out of 185 countries ahead of both India and Bangladesh in the region. Pakistan is poised to grow at 6 % plus in the next 2-3 years based on strong structural reforms program.
4. Investment Policy
The Policy has been designed to provide a comprehensive framework for creating a conducive business environment for the attraction of FDI. Pakistan's policy trends have been consistent, with liberalization, de-regulation, privatisation, and facilitation being its foremost cornerstones.
5. Special Economic Zones
The Law of Special Economic Zones has been made to meet the global challenges of competitiveness to attract FDI. The law allows to create industrial cluster with liberal incentives, infrastructure, and investor facilitation services to enhance productivity and reduce cost of doing business for economic development and poverty reduction. The Law further envisages to reduce processes through SEZ in Pakistan.