Turkey Cell

In recent years, Pakistan’s relationship with Turkey has developed into a strategic partnership characterized by deeper economic and commercial cooperation. Owing to the Punjab Government’s business-policies and proactive initiatives, Turkey has emerged as a vital partner of Punjab in a many projects across various fields. These include, the metro bus service, solid waste management, and the reconstruction in disaster hit areas especially in South Punjab including construction of thousands of housing units, schools, hospitals, close cooperation in law enforcement and counter terrorism.

There has also been a significant growth in Turkish investments in Punjab, with more than 100 firms operating in Pakistan. Turkish investments are mainly targeted toward energy, finance, infrastructure projects and contracting sectors. Construction is the leading sector for Turkish investors in Pakistan. Since 1990, the total amount of projects completed or undertaken by Turkish contractors (45 projects) exceeds $2.7 billion. There are also more than 100 Pakistani firms operating in Turkey. They are mainly focused on electronics, telecommunications, machines, trade and banking. The two countries are currently pursuing a Free Trade Agreement.

Turkey cell has been created in PBIT to harness the true potential of entire range of economic and commercial relations with Turkey, especially attracting Turkish investments, expertise and partnership in the priority sectors in Punjab.