Meeting with Guangdong Wealth Environment Investment Co. Ltd

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Meeting with Guangdong Wealth Environment Investment Co. Ltd

The meeting started with exchange of pleasantries from both sides.

The CEO PBIT elaborated the overview of Punjab province and highlighted that there is a huge potential of waste to energy projects in Punjab province. Moreover, the Government of Punjab is keen interested in these projects and major five cities of Punjab Province have huge clusters of waste. Additionally, he shared the details of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) of Punjab and the requirement of electric power/energy in these SEZs. Moreover, the latest upfront tariff approved by NEPRA (a federal agency for tariff) for waste to energy project was shared. Further, he added that PBIT from Punjab Province acts as a one window facilitator for investors.

The Chinese side applauded the way of PBIT facilitation and briefed the details of their company establishment and projects/scope of business. Further, they elaborated that they are experts not only in waste to energy projects but also in waste water treatment/purifying plants. Moreover their key sectors include bio-pharmaceutical industry, timber international trade and fishery etc. However, they intend to have 150 hectares area for waste to energy project in Punjab. Additionally, they showed their five year plan for waste to energy project been planned in Punjab.

The CEO PBIT welcomed the Chinese side to invest in Punjab. He briefed the investment modes of Punjab province and further stated that Waste Water Treatment Plant is a major area of Punjab and carries huge potential for this area. Moreover, he advised them to submit an unsolicited proposal to Punjab Government and assured them for PBIT facilitation at each step. Additionally, he shared that Government of the Punjab is planning to arrange a seminar in March, 2018. We will send you a proper invitation and wait for your proposal for waste to energy project.

The both sides had a key discussion for bilateral relations and mutual consent was agreed to start collaboration in near future.
The meeting ended with vote of thanks to all the participants.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018