Australian Tyre Recyclers (ATR) visited PBIT

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Australian Tyre Recyclers (ATR) visited PBIT for exploring business opportunities in Punjab. The company is currently working in Tyre Recycling business with current capacity of 2000 Tons per day in Australia. Mr. Fahad Malik (Director ATR) was introduced to PBIT by Consulate General of Pakistan in Sydney.  The company is interested in setting up a Tyre Recycling Plant in Punjab with an investment of around USD-12MN. Other businesses include Battery Recycling, Fuel Production and Waste to Energy Plants in Australia. Environment friendly machinery and proficient production mechanism has ATR is known as the leading recycling firm in Sydney. Punjab Board of Investment & Trade assured them of maximum assistance for company registration, necessary NOCs, acquisition of land and investment advisory of the project.

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