Mr. Jahanzeb Burana

Chief Executive Officer

He has vast experience in investment banking and financial heaping. He served in Bosna Bank International Sarajevo, Bosnia and presently a board member as well. He had been working with Islamic Development Bank group Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as a Senior Investment Specialist (Private Equity) before joining Punjab Board of Investment & Trade.....

Mr. Muhammad Haroon Shaukat

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Muhammad Haroon Shaukat, former Ambassador of Pakistan to Turkey assumed his duties as Head of Turkey Cell in PBIT on 2nd March, 2015. He is currently working as Chief Operating Officer in PBIT. Proficient in multiple languages, Mr. Shaukat has rich experience in nurturing close economic and commercial cooperation with Turkish private and public....

Dr. Suhail Saleem

Director (Facilitation)

Mr. Muhammad Sohail Qadri

Director (Projects, Policy Research and Company Secretary)

Mr. Rashed Turabi

Director (Investor Relations and Human Resources)

Col. Shaukat Hassan (Retd)

Director (Administration)

Ms. Fatima Ali Khan

Director (Marketing & Public Relations)

Mr. Afrin Hussain

Director (Events)

Mr. Sharqui Ahmad Tipu

Additional Director (Business Development, Tradeshows & Events)

Ms. Sidra Khan

Additional Director (Projects and Policy Research)

Mr. Muhammad Ammar Saeed

Additional Director (Facilitation)

Mr. Rana Waqas

Additional Director (Transactions)