Cabinet Committee Meeting

10th Meeting on GSP Plus
10th Cabinet Committee meeting on GSP Plus, chaired by Minister for Industries Chaudhry Muhammad Shafique, was held on 29th of January, 2015 at the Civil Secretariat. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the initiatives taken by different departments pertaining to the 27 conventions and to formulate a mutually acceptable way forward. Among the notables were Raja Ashfaq Sarwar, Minister Labor & Human Rights, Member National Assembly, Mr. Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar and provincial/additional secretaries of concerned departments and PBIT officials. Punjab Board of Investment and Trade being the focal body for GSP Plus at provincial level convened the meeting. Mr. Mohammad Ilyas Ghauri, Chief Executive Officer PBIT welcomed the honorable participants and commenced the meeting with a brief overview of the agendas to be discussed in today’s meeting. The decisions taken in the 9th Cabinet Committee meeting were highlighted with current progress regarding their implementation. The committee members were informed about the decision taken by the Federal Government to lift the ban on death moratorium. It was also stated that this step was taken after due consideration post the horrific 16th December Peshawar incident where hundreds of innocent school children were killed ruthlessly by a terrorist group. A brief presentation regarding GSP Media Cell Strategy was made where ways to build and promote the positive image of the country internationally, along with the impediments faced were emphasized. The meeting concluded with the relevant departments voicing their concern particularly relating to the high visibility Issues.

9th Meeting on GSP Plus Meets
9th Cabinet committee meeting on GSP+ was held at the Darbar Hall, Civil Secretariat on December 04, 2014. The meeting was chaired by Chaudhry Muhammad Shafique, Minister for Industries, and among the attendees were Mr. Raja Ashfaq Sarwar, Minister for Labour & Human Resource, provincial secretaries, government officials and Punjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT) officials. CEO, Punjab Board of Investment and Trade commenced the meeting by presenting the agenda and apprised the participants about the steps taken by PBIT in coherence with objectives decided in the 8th Cabinet Committee meeting. Key discussions during the meeting were regarding the improvements required in coordination between provincial and federal departments with respect to the consolidation and forward submission of reports. It was also suggested that a sub committee comprising of experts should be formed in order to review and prepare proposals for implementation of cabinet committee decisions. In addition to this, it was also decided that PBIT shall create awareness about GSP+ among stakeholders and also showcase the initiatives taken by the Punjab government through PBIT website.

8th Meeting
The 8th Cabinet Committee on GSP+  was held on October 13, 2014 at civil Secretariat in S & GAD Department Convened by Minster for Industries Mr.Chaudhry Muhammad Shafiq,  The Cabinet Committee Members present for the meeting were, Mr Ilyas Ghauri C.E.O PBIT, Azfar Hasan CEO Matrix Sourcing, Mr. Farhan Aziz, Secretary Labour, Usman Sarosh Alvi, Add. Secretary ( HR and MA), Farooq Hameed, DY EPA, M. Saleem Hussain, D.G Labour Welfare, Punjab, Syed Hasnat Javed, Director Labour Welfare, Hammad Altaf Khan,PBIT Company Secretary/ Deputy Legal and Agha Ejaz Ibrahim, Director Wildlife and Parks. All departments gave their presentations to the committee apprising them on the work done with respect to GSP plus core conventions. Committee members were pleased with the progress made so far and decided to bring it to the attention of the Chief Minister accrodingly. Punjab Board of Investment & Trade being nominated as focal body on GSP Plus,  in collaboration with all relevant departments of the Government of Punjab are closely working together to ensure that all GSP requirements are being met by Punjab and Pakistan. GSP plus was awarded to Pakistan in January 2014 by which Pakistan now has access to European markets with the potential of increasing export by 550 Million USD a year.

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